Sharing Some Thoughts (2) -- The Bridge to Happiness

'It came to me one day while riding the train, that the bridge between my own contentment and happiness rests in my own acceptance of who I am, where I am and how I am... For only then do I ever experience the gladness of my soul which leads to my feelings of satisfaction...’

‘I used to jokingly say that I was an undiscovered writer... until I discovered the person I’ve been waiting most to appear and discover me is myself...  Thank God I finally showed up. (lol...)’

‘The day I stopped waiting for someone else to endorse and approve of what only "I" can give permission and approval to... is the same day that my dream came closer within reach...'

‘I never have a problem with wanting what other people have in life... Because wanting what only I’m supposed to have is "enough" for me to try to get to..’

‘I think it's okay for people to make plans with their lives... But I've always found success and peace along the path of discovering what my life actually plans to do with me… As I'm a witness... it’s usually not what we originally planned anyway... Because I for "surely" didn’t plan for "this"...’

‘I never understood why people chose to follow other men when Jesus clearly said to follow Him
It often makes me wonder if the book's been lost…’

‘Since the soul is the essence of who we really are, I know I have to wait to see who "others" are...
As catching glimpses of my own self was like witnessing a wild animal out in nature... I really had to just sit there... and observe... and be quiet... Versus crashing through the woods and demanding this person to come out… NOW!...’

‘It's painful sometimes whenever I notice how some people try hard not to be noticed…
But I usually help them out and ignore them... just to make it easier... for the both of us...’

‘Although letting go sounds like a passive thing to do… I've learned it's actually one of the "hardest" things I've ever had to do... But at least I know how...’

‘I'm learning ... the things we put off and avoid most are actually the things that add to our happiness… And considering the reason being because of fear... I wonder if we're really just afraid of being happy... (Yes?)...’

‘I find that living the truth that is in my soul is the only way that fits for me to live… because playing some role that contradicts who I really am "inside" (although promises safety) really doesn’t feel that safe at all…  So why pretend to begin with...’

‘Embracing the truths that I constantly receive feels "way better" than the stories I can create... So I practice just sticking to the truth… Because (to me) it's just easier...’

‘The love and power of God is indeed a wonderful thing... But getting to know this God... and loving the person that He truly is has been a more fulfilling experience for me.’

Take care all. ...


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