End of the Year Transitions

'There are times in my life when things go so well that I know (without a doubt) that I was born to do this... But then there are times when things turn out so bad that I begin to question if I knew anything to begin with...'

'It's really easy for me to stand behind my gifts and be received in people's hearts... but it is a challenge for me to stand in front of them and hope to reach their hearts still...'

'It amazes me how much we can sit and talk about much of what's really nothing and very little of what's really everything... and some people not even know the difference... But I wish they did...'

'Sometimes focusing too much on myself can cause me to miss out on people... But focusing too much on people can cause me to miss out on myself... So I just found a creative way to be alone "together" ...'

'I believe all of us come into this world with the answers we spend the rest of our lives searching for... And some of us could find the answers (much quicker) if we stopped changing our minds about the questions along the way...'

'Explaining who I am to someone else is like trying to explain how therapy works...
You really just have to have your own experience and take it from there.'

'By far, my most fulfilling conversations are the ones that consist of "more than just words"... As words (alone) are known to distract me from the most important part that a person has to say... which is most authentically conveyed in the eyes, hands, and mouth... '

'While listening and learning in silence, I realize a person's true intentions are rarely ever verbalized as much as they are "implied"...'

'The longer it took for me to accept who I was, the longer it took for me to become the person I've always been...'

'I often tell the people that I talk to, to just relax and be yourself (whoever that is...).. because the truth is, nobody will know the difference anyway...'

'The day that I realized I could not return to my past, is the same day that I stopped trying to relive it... What an epiphany...'

'I used to search and look for my calling until I realized it was something to hear and not see... So I stopped "looking" and simply listened...'

'I have to say.. there are some things I just can't pretend I don't see in a person just to be their friend... For when people show me who they are, I really believe them.' 

'The approval we get from other people is easy to accept, but it can also be a stumbling block to the truth that you ultimately have to do this for yourself... accept and approve of YOU.'

'Sometimes I can ignore God's voice on the inside and get upset with Him when I don't find the answers outside...  I really have to practice just being "still"...'

I am learning that I have to stop talking about my feelings to actually feel them...  But I'm also learning that whenever I do this (stop talking), some people think that I don't feel anything... which is a dumb joke.'

'There are some things we will never know about ourselves until we let other people in our lives... And it is scary...  I know... But it is also worth it.'

'I used to think that holding in my truth about things that bothered me in my relationships would salvage things... but it actually turned out to be what created the distance that ruined them...'

'I am constantly learning that in order for me to heal from different things in my past, I need new experiences, instead of explanations, and more new relationships, as opposed to a bunch of reasons why...'

'If what's really important in life isn't found on the surface, I wonder why so many people put "so much" emphasis on the way things "look"...'

End of the year transitions...


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