The Gift of Solitude Inside of Me

'One of the nicest things about my life these days is that I am here (with me) in it.  And this is important because I (like many) was somewhere else for a long time... and didn't even know it...'
'Feeling my feelings is an insightful process... But actually processing what I’m feeling is what returns me back to me...'
'I really didn’t discover this "being here" piece as much as it just (one day) smacked me in the face… And when it did, I cried... I cried because I knew exactly how I felt and also the reason why... And (surprisingly) I didn't run from it or talk myself out of it...  but I just sat there... like a friend... and let myself cry.  It was amazing...'

'I learned a long time ago that when someone asks me how I am, the answer is really just for me to know... as opposed to them receiviing this information.  So I'm always grateful when they ask and I'm reminded...'

'My struggle with letting people know how I feel bothers me sometimes... But before I say I'm working on it, I know that being bothered doesn't necessarily require me to work on anything..., as much as loving and accepting myself being bothered does...'


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