One of My Favorite Songs

If I did this correctly, there should be a video here for you to watch today... :)
It's one of my favorite songs by this guy name Travis Greene called "Living Water".

I believe the message behind the song is taken from Jeremiah 2:12-13... which says:

"Be appalled, O heavens, at this... be shocked and utterly desolate, declares the LORD... for my people have committed two evils... they have forsaken me, the fountain of living waters.. and have hewed out cisterns for themselves... (broken cisterns) that can hold no water..."

When I reflect on this today, I can see how we still do the same thing...
as I can relate to abandoning God during different times in my life... and digging out for myself a type of broken cistern I'd attempt to use to hold water I'd need to quench my thirsts... which never worked (btw)... as it was never meant to...

So this song is one of my favorites because it reminds of that... and also that the living water is all I need


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